About Us


About us

Sweet Packs is a small business based in Hertfordshire, England. Owned by myself, Malik and my girlfriend Katrina. We have always been a fan of American sweets and always envied the Americans on their crazy sweet flavours. Katrina loves American sweets so much she even watches people review American Sweets on YouTube so we’ll always have the best products. We do all the fulfilment ourselves, as this way we are able to provide work for Katrina’s deaf family who struggle to find employment. We specialise in American Sweet hampers, cans, cartons, bottles, hard and soft candy, chocolate, cereal, cakes crisps and biscuits. So whether its Oreos, Twinkies, or a Berry Fanta, we’ll have something that will satisfy your sugary needs.

Unlike other American sweet companies, we are fully insured!

If you need to contact us please email us on info@sweetpacks.co.uk or click below

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We are committed not only to bringing you the best sweets we can find but also the best customer service. 

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