Sweet Packs Vanilla Charleston Chew 1.87oz  (53g) 3+ Flavours CharlestonChewVanilla
Charleston Chew 1.87oz  (53g)Charleston Chew 1.87oz  (53g)Charleston Chew 1.87oz  (53g)Charleston Chew 1.87oz  (53g)

It was named after the Charleston, a popular early-20th-century dance, the bars are available in strawberry🍓, chocolate🍫, and vanilla🍦 flavours. They’re also enjoyed frozen, which makes it more brittle, and it shatters when you bite into it, yum!

This bar is so popular that it was even mentioned in The Simpsons episode: Lisa the Drama Queen if you wanna check it out. We think it's pretty awesome!

Suitable for Vegetarians/Halal.

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Contains One Or Less Of Palm Kernel, Palm, Soya, Cottonseed), Non-Fat Dry Milk, Cocoa, Lactose, Milk Protein Concentrate, Egg Albumen, Artificial Flavour, Soya, Soya Protein, Salt.

Allergens: Egg, Soya, Milk