Sweet Packs Nacho Cheese Doritos 2oz (49g)
Doritos 2oz (49g)Doritos 2oz (49g)Doritos 2oz (49g)Doritos 2oz (49g)Doritos 2oz (49g)


All the quality and taste you've come to expect from Doritos is packed into these Flamin Hot Nacho Corn Chips. Crispy Tortilla chips that are too hot to handle - perfect for spicing up party buffets or for good old salsa dipping. Can you take the heat?

Imported from the USA.



Some say Doritos are only for the bold. Intensely flavoured, crunchy, triangular shaped chips that are just waiting to be loaded with dip.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Corn Chips are a great tasting sweet snack with a fiery hot kick that will light up your taste buds - perfect for parties, sharing and snacking. How hot can you go?

Imported from the USA.