Sweet Packs Standard Mystery Sweet Pack
Standard Mystery Sweet PackStandard Mystery Sweet PackStandard Mystery Sweet PackStandard Mystery Sweet PackStandard Mystery Sweet PackStandard Mystery Sweet Pack


  • At least 3 Small Drinks, 1 Big Drink, 3 Theatre Boxes and many other goodies!
  • Comes with our colourful branded Sweet Packs box for free!
  • Imported straight from America and other international countries.

Can’t decide what you want?🤯 

I don’t blame you, there is soooo much to choose from🤩! So how about you let our American/International food & drink experts decide the best of the best for you and get our Standard Mystery Sweet Pack now😜!

The Standard Mystery Sweet Pack is our most popular box and is perfect for those who want an amazing treat and for those who are curious as to what all the fuss is about with American/International food and drinks🤔 Made in house each month by our American/International food & drink experts, because of this we do have a 1-3 day handling time on our Sweet Packs. With that being said the images are just examples of a Standard Mystery Sweet Pack that we packaged up and will most likely be different to the one you receive😍

Although the Standard Mystery Sweet Pack is priced at £24.99, all the tasty goodies that come within the Sweet Pack is worth over £24.99, which means you are saving some coin😎!

American cereal and premium items are big and expensive😔 so these are only available in our JUMBO and SUPER JUMBO Sweet Packs😲 

As you have upgraded to this Sweet Pack there will be no duplicates, meaning more stuff to try!

*May contain items with allergens, please check product labels for allergens. 

This is on a subscription basis which means you'll receive it monthly - HOWEVER, if you want a one off purchase, you can CANCEL straight away.