Sweet Packs Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack
Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet PackSuper Jumbo Mystery Sweet PackSuper Jumbo Mystery Sweet PackSuper Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack


  • At least 6 Small Drinks, 3 Big Drinks, 8 Theatre Boxes, 3 Cereal Boxes, 1 Premium Item* and many other goodies!
  • Comes with our colourful branded Sweet Packs box for free!
  • Imported straight from America and other international countries.

Can’t decide what you want?🤯

I don’t blame you, there is soooo much to choose from🤩! So how about you let our American/International candy experts decide the best of the best for you and get our Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack now😜!

What's great about the Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack? Well, it's not one but TWO of our BIGGEST packs and is the ULTIMATE package! It is perfect for those who want a HUGE box of amazing treats and goodies. Also great for those who are curious as to what all the fuss is about with American/International food and drinks🤔 Hand-picked by our American/International candy experts, because of this we do have a 2-day handling time on our Sweet Packs.  With that being said the images are just examples of a Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack that we packaged up and will most likely be different to the one you receive😍

Although the Super Jumbo Mystery Sweet Pack is priced at £99.99, all the tasty goodies that come within the Sweet Pack is equal to or a lil more than £99.99, which means you are saving some coin😎! 

We've got you for breakfast as you will also receive 3 boxes of yummy American Cereal😲

As you have upgraded to this Sweet Pack there will be no duplicates, meaning more stuff to try!

*May contain items with allergens, please check product labels for allergens.

*Premium items are any of our items over £4.99 excluding cereal.

This is on a subscription basis, which means you'll receive it monthly.